STAIRS Internship Fall 2020 Culminating Event


During the Covid-19 Pandemic we tried an all virtual Internship Program, which wasn’t too much of a stretch, since we had been blending in-person and virtual learning for years. In 2020, we just went “full virtual”. They say you should “Never go ‘full virtual’” but what can we say, we’re crazy like that. (Crazy INNOVATIVE!) Lol.

This was our culminating event. Usually, we hold an in person event at the end of an Internship, with food and drink, Certificates, gifts and tons of accolades and appreciation. Interns present projects or talk about what they worked on and what they got out of doing the Internship. So, this Zoom meeting Culminating Event was a chance to recognize and celebrate accomplishments, show all of the Interns who did a virtual Internship during what some call the worst year of the century (2020) and give them their shine.