Stairs Academy currently facilitates internship programs, professional development for educational leadership and staff, events, workshops, and educational media. Our public school designs,  expanded day programs and online learning academy are in development. 

Stairs Academy currently creates internship programs, professional development for educators, events, workshops, and educational media. Our school designs,  expanded-day programs and Online Learning Academy are in development. 

Author John Doe
Date Thursday DECEMBER 10 2020

In 2019, STAIRS ACADEMY’s Educational Nonprofit was invited by the NYCDOE to participate in the Imagine NYC Schools initiative, in the hopes of creating a new innovative public school. The program was cut short by the COVID-19 Pandemic, when NYC’s priorities shifted from new school creation to surviving and maintaining existing schools which were in crisis.

One of the things asked of us was “What is your ‘Bold Idea’?” The following, written in 2019, was our answer … continue reading

Author Graeme Sibirsky
Date Wednesday. January 10 2020

Last December, STAIRS ACADEMY held a free community event in Sunset Park Brooklyn, which consisted of a Bilingual Book Reading (Spanish/English), a Book Making Workshop and celebration of completion of the STAIRS ACADEMY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, for several Brooklyn College students completing their internship. 

LUIS AGUILAR-MORENO read the book “The Many Faces of Max”, by Katherine Del Monte, Illustrated by Susan Arena, in English and Spanish, to an audience of children and adults, some of whom speak only English, only Spanish or speak both…continue reading


NOVEMBER 10th, 2022


Let’s Learn Something!

Everything you need to mint NFT’s!

Have students mint NFT’s in the classroom!

Music by DJ TRAUMA


  • Folake Ogundiran (BEAMS/NEAR)
  • Graeme Sibirsky (CYBERSKY/MCMI)
  • Eileen Marks (NYCDOE)
  • Rare Vandal (DAOrecords)
  • Joshua Franklin (JayField)
  • Ant Marshall
  • Brian R. Yurachek (NYCultureClub)
  • Performance by GMS


BMCC Spring 2022 Virtual Career Fair

The Spring 2022 Virtual Career Fair was sponsored by the BMCC Center for Career Development. BMCC students looking for an internship attended the BMCC Virtual Career Fair, which took place on Career Express, the Center for Career Development’s...

Brooklyn College Spring 2022 Fair

Brooklyn College Job & Internship Fair Spring 2022

As we continued to transition back to normal from school-wide COVID-19 alterations, the Magner Career Center hosted both an In-Person Fair and a Virtual Fall Job/Internship Fair (Friday, Sept. 23, 2022 from 11 a.m. to...


STAIRS Internship Fall 2020 Culminating Event

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we tried an all virtual Internship Program, which wasn't too much of a stretch, since we had been blending in-person and virtual for years. In 2020, we just went "full virtual"....

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