Stairs Academy is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase
access to quality educational programs centered around Culture, Literacy, Arts, Technology & Health and to promote innovative educational practices.

We currently facilitate internship programs, professional development for educational leadership and staff, events, workshops, and educational media. Our public school designs,  expanded day programs and online learning academy are in development.  To learn more, browse the site and check out our ABOUT page.


CYBERSKY is an educational brand, under the parent company STAIRS ACADEMY, that symbolizes all things in the digital world, including stories, photos, art, music, film, television, radio, podcasts, distance learning, online gaming and more.

The Cybersky website was first launched as a teacher page by Musician, Educator & Technologist Graeme “Mr. Cybersky” Sibirsky, as a place to post his students’ songs, photos and videos. Later, it was reimagined as a video channel for educational tutorials, interviews, documentaries and podcasts, about a range of topics, including technology, education, health, fitness, martial arts and Rubik’s Cube strategies.

ACE Club

ACE Club, short for Academics Choice & Extension, is an expanded day program which provides academic extension and support, while offering a choice of enrichment activities in arts, technology, sports and life skills.

These expanded day programs include Financial Literacy, Coding & Robotics, Visual Arts, Photography, Music Technology, Clothing Design / Sewing / Re-styling, Digital Media Design, Film & TV production, Food Growing / Composting, Cooking / Nutrition / Meal Preparation, Instrumental and Vocal Music programs, Dance and Creative Movement, Theater, Poetry, Martial Arts, Athletics, Bicycle Repair, Entrepreneurial and Cultural Studies.

A.C.E Club staff provide individualized, differentiated academic instruction, including extension and direct clinical remediation, to students on all levels, improving academic outcomes while providing creative, useful, healthy enrichment programs, giving students an outlet for personal choice, self-expression and development of their goals and interests.

School Design

School Designs

While there are currently, no charters being issued in New York City, Stairs Academy has a charter school proposal, which it hopes to file with the SUNY Charter Schools Committee, when the charter cap in NYC is lifted. Click to learn more about our Charter School Proposal.     Until disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak, Stairs Academy was working in partnership with the NYC Department of Education on an innovative public school design, through Imagine NYC Schools. We look forward to picking up this work once the Covid-19 crisis has been mitigated.

Recent Blogs

Recent Events

BMCC Spring 2022 Virtual Career Fair

The Spring 2022 Virtual Career Fair was sponsored by the BMCC Center for Career Development. BMCC students looking for an internship attended the BMCC Virtual Career Fair, which took place on Career Express, the Center for Career Development’s...

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Bilingual Book Making Workshop


"STAIRS ACADEMY held a free community event in Sunset Park Brooklyn, which consisted of a Bilingual Book Reading (Spanish/English), a Book Making Workshop and celebration of the completion of the STAIRS ACADEMY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. This hands on activity combined with the bilingual book reading, helps make connections between literacy, culture and the arts. It also demonstrates that the arts help build community and create a...

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Bilingual Book REading with Luis Aguilar Moreno


Last December, STAIRS ACADEMY held a free community event in Sunset Park Brooklyn, which consisted of a Bilingual Book Reading (Spanish/English), a Book Making Workshop and celebration of completion of the STAIRS ACADEMY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, for several Brooklyn College students completing their internship.

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Keith Middleton


"Long-time STOMP cast member, actor, producer, musician and spoken word artist Keith "WildChild" Middleton, who grew up in Community School District 15 and attended neighborhood public schools, breaks down how the Arts tap into a universal "rhythm" inside all of us, that transcends what language you speak and why he supports the creation of STAIRS ACADEMY, to bring back a connection to that rhythm."

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